who’s the boss?

I get very attached to the things and people I love. I’m obsessed in love with coffee mugs and tea cups. I’m becoming a tea drinker just so that I have an excuse to use my tea cups and not have my husband call me a hoarder.  My closest friends are still my high school friends. We still talk, ok fine, we text daily.  I carry around in my trunk a pair of brown vintage boots that need their sole replaced. Probably impossible since they’re so old and cracked; but I can’t part without them.  I drive them around everywhere I go. I will get to the shoe repair guy one of these days only to have him break my heart by saying “lady, seriously?”

But my biggest attachment is to my daughters. I don’t think anyone or anything will ever trump them. I live and breathe for them.

When I was pregnant I read tons of parenting books, countless online articles and called all of my experienced friends for all the advice I could get. I dragged my mom all the way from Colombia to come stay with us; she raised three kids c’mon! It was me, my hubby and my mom. Three against one. I totally got this. WRONG! This little girl was kicking our asses.  6 days in we were rushing her to the emergency room because I saw a little blood on her spit.  Little barracuda baby had busted my nipple open. It was so much fun (notice the sarcasm?).  She only slept during the day and cried all night. And when I say all night I mean ALL NIGHT! This child was doing things her way from day one.  Suck it mommy and daddy!  I discovered she was sleeping all day because she would sleep on me.  I tried to follow all the parenting book rules, but naps are naps so I thought the rules were a little flexible when it came to them.

So I decided to take the bull by the horns. You can’t defeat me! YOU WILL SLEEP ALL NIGHT.  And she did sleep all night….on me. Six years later she AND her 3 year old sister are still sleeping with us. Yeap, totally showed her whose boss. Thank God for king size beds and patient husbands.

And so my mission begins…

6 thoughts on “who’s the boss?

  1. Lindi…. Que orgullosa me siento de ti!!! Que belleza…. Porfi sigue contando todo lo de la niñas!!!! Saliste a tu Tito!!!! Jajaja 😘😘😘😘😘


  2. And you just made me cry! I admit the fact that I know you makes me a bit biased, but kudos to you!!! You’re a wonderful mother with a beautiful family! Love ya!


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