once upon a time in Colombia…

Once upon a time, I used to live in Colombia.  In Barranquilla, where I grew up, it’s a summer heaven all year long.  The furthest beach was a long, tedious 15 minute drive. We used to go there for hours every Sunday.  Sometimes we would ditch school and just drive straight there.  I think I owned a couple of long sleeve shirts to have just in case our winter night breeze got out of control.  I had coconut and mango trees in my back yard. No kidding. Do you want to know what I have in my back yard now? Snow, I have snow. Endless piles of snow. After 10 years of living in Virginia, I’ve learned to absolutely love Spring; remember my childhood in Summer; enjoy the crisp, cool Fall weather and just tolerate Winter.

The first snow of the year is always exciting.  It’s the start of the holidays and everything is white and red and green and perfect. Until January comes and it hits you in the face with the same shovel you’ll be using when to clearing the sidewalk for the next two months.  There’s no Christmas anticipation, no New Year’s party to plan, just the hope that winter will be kind to us until Spring gets here. And that’s only if Punxsutawney Phil feels like it. How did our hopes of sunnier, warmer days end up in the paws of a groundhog?  This effing winter is getting the best of me. I’m no longer the happy, smiling mom of two beautiful girls. I am now the shriveled, cold, bitter, bearer of two kids that are messing up my house because school is ALWAYS closed.  Go away winter, seriously, I’m over you.

P.S. I will no longer be saving for my daughters’ education. I will now be spending our money on a three month trip down to Colombia every winter.  Sunny, coconutty  Colombia.

P.S II: I love Virginia, I really do :)

#rantmuch #sorrynotsorry


photo 2

They do look cute though :)

photo 1


Antonella & Itala 



7 thoughts on “once upon a time in Colombia…

  1. I went to college in the Northeast and I remember February as the darkest, coldest month, probably for the reasons that you mention – Christmas is long gone and Spring Break is endless days away. I hope it’ll warm up for you soon. In the meantime, Barranquilla is waiting with open arms in case you want to visit.


  2. The best memories!!! Sun.. Hot.. Beaches… Barranquilla como tu.. Ninguna!
    Lindi keep on writing!! It just made may day!!!! And put a smile on my face!
    Love you!


  3. Always bring a smile to my face! I agree no saving for college and more coming down to coconutty land where you are so much loved and missed!


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