the power of cuteness

When my daughters want something, they usually do whatever it takes to get it. Sometimes they get away with it because I am THAT weak, but when they don’t, this happens:

anto mad

She was mad because we were taking too long to eat our lunch and were talking way too much. Obviously being at the park is much more fun than hanging out in a restaurant that serves your cheeseburgers in a super cool, vintage, cardboard paper car. Her sister thought her face was hilarious and followed with one of her own:

New Image

When “please mommy, please mommy, please mommy, please mommy”  doesn’t work, they turn on their charm and give me one of these:

pretty pls

 This one used to work on me first, but they quickly caught up to it and started abusing their power of cuteness.  They already know that their impossibly cute faces won’t work on me anymore, I’ve been vaccinated. So they wait until dad gets home and then this happens:


At this point, I have already warned him, so he pretends to be tough and strict and says “no”. But they’re girls, and they won’t stop until  they get what they want (as should any girl), so that’s when they pull out the big guns and complements start rolling in:

Antonella-“Mommy, you’re so loving and caring, you’re like a Care Bear!”

Itala-“Mommy, you WON the mommy contest!”

Antonella- “Daddy, you’re soooo handsome.”

Itala- “Daddy, I LOVE YOU.”

Let me tell you that Itala NEVER says “I love you” unless she has an ulterior motive.

We’re still standing our ground, we’re strong, we’re united. No amount of cuteness will defeat us!

And then THEY walk in:


The grandparents, a.k.a The Enablers

And we end up here:


I have to admit, that I do like the fact that they don’t get tired of trying easily ;)

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