I hate/I love

My husband and I recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I forgot, he forgot, we all forgot, so it wasn’t much of a celebration anyway, but I did do a little happy dance the morning after when I actually remembered, because we have made it 9 plus years (if you count 200 years of dating) through a lot of ups and downs, mostly up….4 flights of stairs in our elevator-less building. There are a lot of things he does that I hate and love, yes, I know hate is a strong word, but if you seriously tell me that there is nothing your husband or wife does that you don’t hate then you’re straight up lying. And I know I drive him crazy too but we’re not talking about me…

I hate that you “accidentally” gave away 2!!!! of my favorite boots because you thought they were for donation just because they were sitting in my trunk for 4 months. I WAS going to get them resoled eventually.

I love that thanks to you, hopefully a very well deserved woman (or two) is walking around with a very stylish pair of boots.

I hate that you threw my favorite black bra in the washer and it came out in 2 pieces. That mesh bag is not ON TOP of the washer for decoration purposes…just an FYI.

I love that you actually did laundry without even having to ask you. Bonus: I love that you now have to see me in my other favorite bra…no, not the pretty lace ones, the nude colored one. Not that sexy huh??

I hate that you left your VERY WELL paid, AMAZING hours as an office manager to go to culinary school.

I love that you dared to follow your dreams and that I now have a professional chef cook for me…for free ;)

I hate that you leave at 4:30 am and I don’t get to see you in the mornings anymore.

I love that you don’t care that its 4:30 am, because you’re ecstatic to go cook for the next 14 hours. Bonus: I love that since you don’t see me dressed for work, I can sneak in new clothes without you knowing I went shopping ;)

I hate that even though you leave before the roosters even wake up you still come home past 8 pm.

I love that you rush home every night just to try to catch your daughters awake.

I hate that sometimes you come home past 8 pm and the girls are already sleeping.

I love that sometimes you come home past 8 pm and the girls are already sleeping….and we get at least 20 minutes of silence, just the two of us…before I obviously pass out.

I hate that you’re not at all afraid of my death stare when I’m mad at you.

I love that you’re not at all afraid of my death stare when I’m mad at you.

I hate that you turn yourself into a 6 year old boy when you’re playing with the girls and jump on the bed with them while I panic and try to catch them every time they fall. Also when you wrestle. They are NOT made of rubber!

I love that you play with them as if they were boys, because not everything can be princesses and glitter, especially when I keep finding it up their noses. Bonus: I love that you know all the names of their My Little Ponies and that you make girly voices when you’re playing barbies.

I hate that you’re not honest when I ask you if the 5 extra pounds I have gained make me look ugly.

I love that you pretend not to notice my weight gain. Probably because you know it will make me cry, laugh and scream all at the same time. And I already know you avoid me like the plague every time I get my period and cry, laugh and scream for no apparent reason.

Sorry I forgot our anniversary, that’s why I’m writing you this post. I’m sure you’re sorry you forgot too and that’s why you’re taking me shopping.




6 thoughts on “I hate/I love

  1. Mi Lindi….tu eres increible!!!! Asi como me haces reir,ver gran amor que sientes por Tato y la manera que lo describes…has hecho que un par de lagrimitas se me escaparan! No cambies NUNCA! como eres…es lo que te hace tan especial! te quiero mucho mi chiquita!!!!!!


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